Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BFD at the Chili Cook Off

On Saturday, April 12, the City of Belton once again served as host of the 5th Annual South Carolina Chili Cook Off.  A nice turnout of cooks served up another successful year of outstanding chili and salsa.  Yours truly, Belton Fire, was on hand looking to defend our Sportsmanship Award and improve on our second place finish in the People's Choice Award.  A new addition to the competition was the Hot Chili Eating Contest where contestants downed as many bowls of chili as they could in five minutes.  Four Season's owner, Nathan Key served as our firefighter chef this year and produced an outstanding bucket of chili along with a "not for the faint of heart" pot of Mayday 9 alarm chili.  As if you expected anything else, our very own Firefighter Ben Sutton took home first place honors along with a couple of nice prizes.  After a long day of passing out samples, ringing the bell and Pepto Bismol, our crew successfully repeated as the Sportsmanship Award winners and produced another second place People's Choice award.  Thanks to all those involved we had a blast!

FULLY INVOLVED: The Difference

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FULLY INVOLVED: Rebounding: By: Mark vonAppen The automatic fire alarm is the bane of most firefighters existence, oh how we lament "smells and bells&quot...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BFD Training 3/24

On Monday, March 24, Belton firefighters met for regular training and continued learning how to handle lost/missing person incidents.  Once again, Ryan Herring from Anderson Tech Rescue came by and discussed what should take place early during these types of calls.  Firefighters also reviewed a mapping program to assist in performing different types of searches.  SAR packs and ICS was reviewed in great detail.  BFD members also reviewed numerous incident photos of structure fires with the question being posed as "go or no go" situations.  Follow the link to FDQ/Facebook and you will find all of the photos reviewed and the responses that went along with them.

Photo: (Naff) It's that time again, Go or No Go for VES?Photo: Attack from the driveway or the interior garage door?Photo: (Naff) You arrive on scene to find heavy smoke showing from the alpha side. As you complete your walk around you find this on side charlie. Whats your actions and hose size? What's your instructions for the next due units?
Photo: (Naff) VES question for today. Arrive on scene to find this. Go or No Go? Where are you starting?Photo: (Naff) Your dispatched to a car fire in your first due. As you arrive on scene you find this. The window on the A/D corner has already broken upon your arrival. What's your plan and where are you placing your first line? Are you taking care of it yourself or calling for the box? Thanks to Dirk from Richie VFD for the picture and info.Photo: (FRAZIER) The time is 7:30AM and you are dispatched to a working fire in your first due. You will be the first arriving engine with backup over 6 minutes away with a hydrant 200ft down the road. At your arrival you meet a hectic neighbor who states a family of 4 is still inside. What are your actions?

Photo: (FRAZIER) Dispatched to the listed location for working fire. Very limited information from dispatch, occupancy unknown. Hydrant is across the street, what is your size up and actions???Photo: Attack preference? Deck gun for initial? 2 1/2's? 1 3/4? 2-1 3/4 lines? Explain...Photo: (FRAZIER) Dispatched to a structure fire with reports of occupants. At your arrival this is the smoke conditions visible. What is the smoke saying? What is your "opinion" on interior operations, search, fire attack?Photo: (FRAZIER) Dispatched to a working fire that is confirmed prior to arrival. Neighbors standing outside reporting that a family of 6 may still be inside. You are on the first due engine and this is conditions at arrival. Second due is 3 minutes out. What are your actions?Photo: (FRAZIER) Dispatched to a working fire in a vacant. You arrive and see the visible conditions. 2nd due engine and truck are close behind. Bystander states that the home is vacant but saw kids playing on the porch of fire building earlier that day. What are your actions and assignments for the next in trucks?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Never Sit Still - Mark vonAppen

Are You Listening To The Research?

Take some time to read the article found in the link below. It brings out some good points from both sides of the interior/exterior argument. We have all seen the new research presented by UL/NIST and we should make it a point to educate ourselves.  Not taking sides here, but I feel this is a decently neutral take on the situation. One idea repeated is the fact that none of the new tactics are new at all.  We just now have the ability to test and gather data.  Please take a look and don't get too hung up on the accolades of the author at the end bio!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


FULLY INVOLVED: Positions: By Mark vonAppen If I could sit down with myself as a new officer and talk  about what's important to remember, here is...

Sunday, March 9, 2014

To Go or Not To Go...part 2 (Larry Schultz)

Please follow the link below to the second part of "To Go or Not To Go" for some great information about making the decisions to go or not go on vacant/abandoned homes.

I have also included the link to part one of this document. (Click below)

BFD Training 2/24

On February 24, Belton firefighters met to take part in Map and Compass training.  Ryan Herring from Anderson City Fire/Tech Rescue presented a valuable class on using topographical maps and how to use the orienteering compass.  This training will prove handy during our March training drills when we take part in a multi-agency missing person drill.  Below are some resources to familiarize yourself with.


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