Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday!

Monday turned out to be an extremely busy start to the week as we responded to alarms all day.  Belton Fire responded to an auto accident on Breazeale St. during the morning, several medical calls throughout the day and then caught a structure fire on Kay St. in late afternoon.  There were no reported injuries on the auto accident and the structure fire caused some smoke and fire damage to the kitchen area of the home.  All occupants made it out safely.  Two engines, rescue, and Car 1 responded with members going to work immediately upon arrival.  Firefighters were already at the station and had been preparing a Low Country Boil all day.  Members enjoyed a time of fellowship and good food after the fire.  Thanks to Brady and Ryan and all the others that helped with the meal. I'm still out on the crawfish! 

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