Monday, May 2, 2011

BFD at St. Francis Mud Run!

On Saturday, April 30th, several Belton area firefighters gathered to compete in the St. Francis Mud Run at Donaldson Center.  Among them were Belton City firefighters Ryan Sams, Luke Riddle, Kevin Alewine, Daren Vaughn, and Brad Maness.  We were joined by Cheddar/Gantt Firefighter Robby Land and two other Belton residents Travis Moon and Chase Cooley.  Even though the "Foster Kids" took us by a few minutes we had a good friendly competition and got an awesome workout.  There was no threat of winning the "run" so it was all just for personal achievement.  It was a tough run through mud pits and over obstacles, and we look forward to preparing for next year's race.  Belton residents be on the lookout for us as we continue training each week, it won't be hard to pick us out. Plans are being made for the Midnight Flight and Standpipe Run.  You never know what we will come up with next! Thanks to Kristin Sams and Donna Land for snapping the photos and video clips.  More pictures will be added soon.

(L to R) Travis Moon, Ryan Sams, Luke Riddle, Brad Maness, Daren Vaughn, Chase Cooley, Robby Land, Kevin Alewine

New BFD-EFF T-Shirt

After the deed was done!

Fun at the Mud Run!

Sams, Land, Riddle

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