Monday, October 3, 2011

Students visit BFD

Last week, Sept. 28-29, approx. 140 Marshall Primary students came by for a visit and tour of the Belton Fire Department.  These students also visited City Hall and the Police Dept. as they learned about some of the history of Belton and what services our great employees provided to them.  Our firefighters discussed what goes on in a typical day at the BFD as well as showing them the fire station and of course the BRT's (Big Red Trucks).  We had an awesome time and look forward to seeing them again on October 7th as we visit their school for a fire prevention presentation.

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  1. Awesome! I attended Marshall Primary in the 1990s and my father a volunteer with the Belton FD. Our family has since moved out of state, but I will always remember getting to ride on the firetruck in the Belton Christmas Parade.