Saturday, March 17, 2012

BFD Training 2/27/12

On February 27, Belton firefighters gathered for regular bi-monthly training.  All members participated in search drills that involved an uncommon rescue.  In heavy smoke(artificial) members located a downed victim that was pinned under two large objects(tractor tires).  Firefighters were faced with extricating the victim by use of tools like: high lift jack, pry bars, hydraulic tools, etc.  Operating these tools in zero visibility can be a challenge and if not trained on we will not be proficient in a rescue situation. 

Our equipment needs to be set up as much as possible outside and then brought into the structure.  Connecting hydraulic hoses to tools is something that shouldn't be done in reduced visibility.  The simple operation of a high-lift jack proved very helpful in these conditions. 

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