Saturday, March 31, 2012

Learn the job, honor and respect the profession!

Many new firefighters always say "I didn't know" or "nobody told me to."  We have all heard it and many have said it. Sometimes we even hear it from the regular members.  It is our job as fire service officers, and other senior members  to mentor our new "probies."  It is also the probie's responsibility to learn and express interest and intiative.  Click on the two links below for some helpful suggestions and reminders for new members.  Many are applicable to the rest of us as well. 

It’s an honor to be a firefighter. To become complacent is to dishonor those who have gone before us. This job is not just “10 days and a paycheck”. Embrace training as a means to maintain the necessary level of proficiency. Truly loving this job means loving every aspect of it and therefore deserving to wear the badge. This is the greatest profession there is, treat it as such.”

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