Thursday, April 19, 2012

Career Day at Marshall Primary

 On April 19, Belton Fire took a trip to see the students in Ms. Clinkscales' and Ms. Ownen's class to talk about the career of a firefighter.  Students listened as our members discussed what firefighters do each day and how we help our citizens.  Students also got a chance to interact with a firefighter dressed in full bunker gear and SCBA.  BFD members also reviewed fire safety with the kids by reviewing calling 911 for an emergency, crawl low under smoke, having an exit drill, and the difference between tools and toys.  Students were given a homework assignment to have their parents check their smoke detectors and call the fire station if they have any questions.  We certainly express our thanks Ms. Clinkscales and Ms. Owens for allowing us to visit.  We had a great time.

Lt. Stevens going over E-1 equipment
Chloe Maness showing the TIC to classmates

Lt. Stevens, Capt. Maness, Eng. Sams posing for a picture with the class

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