Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chief Sims attends CFSI

Chief Sims, along with his wife Jill, are in Washington DC this week with other area fire service leaders to attend the 24th Annual National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner and Seminars at the Congressional Fire Services Insitute. It is an opportunity for fire service representatives to engage Congressional leaders and Administration officials in discussions about federal programs and legislation addressing the needs of local first responders. Throughout the two-day event, CFSI will host a series of seminars focusing on issues that directly relate to the safety of first responders. Covering important topics such as interoperable communications, federal grant programs, health and safety, and pending federal legislations, the seminar program helps fire service leaders understand the role of the federal government in training and equipping local first responders. With local governments facing tough economic challenges, the information presented at these seminars can be of great benefit to fire officials.

During the two-day program, CFIS will encourage participants to meet with their members of Congress to exchange information and share ideas on how the federal government can support the fire and emergency services, both nationally and locally. Speaking in one voice, fire service leaders of every rank and from every region of the country can project a positive message to Congress about unity and how we are capable of working together to bring about positive change for our nations one million first responders.

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