Friday, August 3, 2012

Ladder Throws-Get Better At Em!

Just as the axe and haligan is a mainstay in the fire service, ladders should also be considered as equipment we must stay proficient with. Ladders are a critical element of almost every fire we respond to.  At any point we can be directed to enter a window to perform VES, cut a vent hole, or provide an escape for a trapped brother or citizen. I can guarantee you won't be able to perform these tasks quickly and efficiently if you haven't bothered to get the ladders off the truck but once or twice a year.  Take some time to perform some one firefighter throws with both the 14' and 24' ladder.  Try some different techniques to determine what is safer and more efficient for you.  Just like most departments, we don't have the luxury of two or three firefighters to raise a ladder so don't be surprised if you are pulling the ladder off the truck by yourself.  So, can you handle it?

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