Sunday, September 16, 2012

Confined Space Drill 9/6/12

On September 6, fire/rescue personnel from Belton, Cheddar, Anderson Technical Rescue Team and Belton EMS conducted a Confined Space Rescue Drill at Marathon Petroleum on Hwy 20.  This kind of opportunity is very rare to perform training inside an actual petroleum tank but thanks to the efforts of Mike Rowland and others all personnel received valuable knowledge of the facility and what we may encounter in a real emergency.  The scenario was reported as a man down inside one of the bulk fuel tanks and was unable to exit.  Personnel first obtained information and then established command.  Air monitoring and permits were completed to establish operational zones and specific teams were staffed to affect the rescue.  A four person team entered with SCBA, while attached to a tag line, packaged the "patient" and removed him to safety with use of the SKED stretcher.  It was a smooth drill and all personnel were treated to lunch afterwards as Marathon held their Open House Day to the public. 


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