Monday, October 8, 2012

BFD at the Standpipe 5k Race

Left to Right
Riddle, Stevens, Sams, Maness, Vaughn, Alewine 
 The Belton Standpipe Festival was held on Saturday, October 6th and provided fellow Beltonians with fun, food and  entertainment throughout the day.  The first event of the festival was the Standpipe 5k Race.  Some of our very own suited up in bunker gear and SCBA to run the 3.1 mile course.  Kevin Alewine, Daren Vaughn, Brad Maness, Ryan Sams, Thomas Stevens and Luke Riddle pushed their limits and conquered the task just as firefighters do anytime we face an obstacle.  No record times were set but the completion of the race was reward enough.  Belton firefighters are dedicated to perfecting our profession through training, education and physical fitness.  Great job to all the guys who participated and the rest of our members for the support before, during and after the race.  Also, special thanks to all the citizens and other runners for the kind compliments on raceday.  Our firefighters are here to serve you!

Mustering a little strength for a post-race picture
From Left to Right
Alewine, Sams, Maness, Vaughn, Stevens, Riddle

Left a little out there! 

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