Saturday, November 10, 2012

October Fire Prevention Programs

During the month of October, Belton firefighters made several visits to local schools to share fire safety information with students.  Our intent is to reach kids at an early age so they can learn the fundamentals of begin fire safe and then take the information back home to their parents.  It is always a privilege to spend time in our schools and interact with students
.  Topics that were discussed were Get Out and Stay Out, exit drills, smoke alarms, firefighters are your friends and emergency numbers.  During our visit at Marshall Primary, we were assisted by firefighting program students from the Career and Technology Center.  They did an excellent job and connected well with the young students.  Even Dusty the Dragon made a cameo appearance.  At Belton Elementary we allowed students to try on our bunker gear, operate extinguishers and the jaws of life.  They also learned what information an emergency dispatcher will ask if they call 911.  Finally, our small children at the First Baptist Wee School had a blast learning how to exit through a window and sang along with the trucks from the Rainbow Valley Fire Department.  It was also very important to show the kids how to crawl low under smoke and see what firefighters look like with our gear on.

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