Friday, February 1, 2013

BFD Training 1/28/13

BFD members met for regular training on January 28th to take part in an SCBA consumption drill.  Firefighters donned bunker gear and SCBA and completed a number of tasks while breathing air.  The purpose was to recreate some of the intensity of an actual fireground.  It also required firefighters to use thinking skills while experiencing severe exhaustion.  Below is a list of the skills performed in consecutive order while breathing air.

1. Stair Climb (3 stories) with high rise pack
2. Three inch hose hoist (3 stories)
3. One firefighter 24' ladder carry, throw, and raise
4. Carry two K-12 saws approx. 50ft.
5. 20 sledghammer strikes to tire
6. Join partner for a two firefighter large area search inside truck bay (No pass device activation, no radio contact, victim off of hoseline and limited information)

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