Friday, May 17, 2013

"That's the Way We've Always Done it" is NOT Good Enough

This is class that was taught at FDIC 2013 titled "That's the Way We've Always Done it" is NOT Good Enough. Although this isn't the typical video on TheBravestOnline, we wanted to share this great piece. "Do you want to know why you see things change the way they do on the fireground? Do you want to understand why certain tactics may have worked 30+ years ago but need to be adjusted to be effective today? Hear the details and the results from all of the latest firefighter tactics research. Experiments conducted on single-family dwellings and townhouses are examined in detail from the perspective of what is important to your everyday operations. Changes in you work environment, horizontal ventilation, vertical ventilation, suppression, basement fires, vent-enter-isolate-search, results from tests with the Fire Department of New York, and more are also covered."

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