Sunday, July 28, 2013

Are You Up To The Challenges We Face?

Here are couple more videos of forcible entry tactics that can be deployed on the fireground. 
Depending on how the door is setup, (and your knowledge of those doors and locking mechanisms), you may be able to defeat the door quickly or recognize when other tactics, saws, may have to be utilized.  I am a big fan of learning the basics when it comes to entry.  Good, proficient use of the irons and basic tactics can go a long way in our job.  With that being said, you must also know when to go to plan B, C, D or whatever else you got in the bag.  Notice how fatigued some of these firefighters get after less than two minutes of forcing the door.  These guys seem to be in good physical condition, so my point is:  are you capable of doing this work?  Can you do this with an SCBA, breathing air, middle of the summer and in reduced visibility.  Will you be able to complete other fireground functions after forcing this door?  If this answer is no or I think I can, you aren't doing yourself, your partner or the civilians trapped behind the door any favors.  So if you are in that group that may cannot perform these tasks, what are your other options?  Choose another door, window or pickup the K-12.  Without training and conditioning, you won't know what your next move is.  Only one way to find out, get out there an do it!
Great techniques shown here on outward swinging doors and drop bars

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