Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BFD Training 7/22/13

On Monday, July 22, Belton firefighters met for regular bi-monthly training to gain skillful knowledge in forcible entry and Ladder Hinge/Rope Rescue from the top of buildings.  Members practiced several techniques to force inward swinging doors.  This was performed on the new Tru Force Entry System purchased by all departments in Anderson County.  This will be a valuable tool for years to come since forcible entry techniques have been simulated to this point. 

The second part of training focused on performing the ladder hinge rescue technique.  I have caught some slack on this technique by you hardcore NFPA and OSHA guys.  Nevertheless, it still is a great skill to have in your toolbox.  Those of you who haven't tried it before have no foundation to bash it.  This skill was performed even more simply with no guy lines on the 24' ladder.  Two firefighters walked to the ladder down and the rope attached to the stokes was lowered by three firefighters and then also tried with our new SCARAB tool.  The drill went great.


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  1. You have your scarab loaded wrong..