Sunday, September 29, 2013

September Training at BFD

During the month of September, Belton firefighters were able to train on a few very important areas that we are faced with. 

On September 9, a joint training was held in Honea Path to practice saving our own through rapid intervention response.  Members of Honea Path, Williamston and Belton engaged in several scenarios that we could possibly face during a structural fire.  Firefighters utilized search rope, hand/power tools, and anything else needed to effect the rescue of a downed firefighter.  This training was conducted in an large acquired structure that provided a worthy challenge for our guys.  No matter what level of knowledge our members possess, this was an excellent training that gave us a great foundation to build upon.  We will again revisit our policies and procedures to help improve our capabilities and response.  Thanks to Honea Path FD for hosting the training event.  Belton will serve as host for a future training.

On September 23, we allowed our members to gear down, but still continue to train.  After the 9/11 anniversary and the recent Active Shooter training held in Anderson, we felt it was time to examine our own department's part in specialized events.  Fire Engineering recently posted a fire department's response to active shooting incidents video on their webpage.  Our members took part in this training and held a group discussion as to where our contribution will be during this event.  We also reviewed the Anderson School District's emergency response plan that covers many areas of emergencies.  In the near future we plan to train with our police officers to promote a seamless response during events at our schools and businesses.   Our firefighters also discussed responding to incidents involving drug labs.  Often times when our members respond to medical or fire emergencies we find ourselves in hostile situations that were not relayed to dispatch or police officers.  By reviewing recognition and identification of hazardous substances we can be better prepared in the event we walk into an active drug lab or other dangerous situation.


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