Monday, October 7, 2013


Saturday, October 5th, marked our annual Belton Standpipe Festival and 5k run.  Like previous years, our members were on hand to give fire truck rides and assist our BFD explorers with selling boiled peanuts and drinks.  Just as important, we are there to provide fire and medical response to those that attend the annual festival.  The event concluded with a large fireworks display.  Earlier that morning, eight BFD members took part in the 5K Standpipe Run.  Six of those members completed the run with full bunker gear and SCBA on.  Belton firefighters pride themselves on always being ready and overcoming challenges.  We trust the training and effort being put forth everyday will prepare us for the emergencies we could face at anytime.  This race is just another challenge our members gladly accepted and we look forward to overcoming it again next year!

L to R: Micheal Epps, Thomas Stevens, Brad Maness, Ryan Sams, Daren Vaughn, Kevin Alewine

Finishing Strong!

Back: Maness, T. Stevens, Epps, Alewine
Front; Vaughn, Sams, B. Stevens
Not pictured: Riddle

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