Friday, November 1, 2013

October Training Sessions

October was a great month of training for our members as we continue to take advantage of an acquired structure here in town.  Our members also took part in RIT and live fire training on another structure in Honea Path.  Below are some pictures of the most recent RIT training which included some "outside the box" scenarios.  Roof work is common to our profession as the need for ventilation is often required.  Our department still sees the need for vertical ventilation; therefore, safety is paramount when working above the fire.  One drill scenario included a trapped firefighter (mannequin) that had fallen half way through the roof.  There are several techniques that can be deployed here and we will be training on a few of them in the future.  Other scenarios included a firefighter trapped in a wall while trying to breach and also a collapse that covered a victim as well.  As in all other trainings, max effort was put out and the guys did a fantastic job.  We look forward to future trainings at this house.
Firefighter through the roof scenario

Firefighter trapped in a wall scenario

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