Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Belton Middle School - "Burn to Learn"

On November 25th, Belton firefighters were on hand for the annual career day event held at Belton Middle School.  As usual, we were there to discuss our profession and what a day in the life of a firefighter entails.  This year we decided to change things up a bit and attempt to deliver a more powerful message about fire safety.  A Burn to Learn demonstration was conducted by burning two "built up" rooms that would simulate a typical room in a residential type setting.  Each room was burned to show how fast a small fire can turn into a major tragedy.  We discussed with the students how a fire can start due to overloaded outlets and not being safe in the kitchen.  Students were also able to see and hear the early alert of a working smoke alarm.  In each burn cell, the smoke alarm activated in less than 30 seconds.  This is very important for our citizens to understand how smoke alarms can save themselves and their families.  Once the fire grew to flashover, the students then seen how firefighters extinguish the blaze and some of the tools/equipment we use to perform our duties.  As with any other school event, we like to tie in some of the science of how fire burns and the knowledge and skills one must possess to be successful as a career or volunteer firefighter.

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